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Xoserve provides a range of centralised services to the gas industry in Britain. It manages all the key data associated with the majority of the 22 million gas meter points across the country and carries out the registration and customer switching services for the industry. xoserve also manages the energy allocation and invoicing on behalf of the country’s large Gas Transporters, and through its knowledgeable employees, based in Solihull in the West Midlands, it helps the industry manage change to the processes and systems which enable the country’s commercial regime for gas to operate.

In managing the gas industry’s data and processes we operate a number of large and complex computer systems, including UKLink and Gemini. Our production databases hold some 7.5 terabytes of data. We are currently replacing a number of these systems and have successfully put in place a leading edge data warehouse which stores all the vital industry data we hold. Through our Project Nexus requirements gathering we have been working with the industry to understand their future service requirements.

Xoserve’s Vision
We, at Xoserve, will be recognised and valued for the excellence of our performance, the quality of our people, our customer engagement and the contribution we make to the efficiency of the UK energy industry.

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Projects and Industry Information

IX Upgrade Project       The IX Upgrade Project is a refresh of the current IX Network. For more details see the IX Upgrade website

Xoserve Input to GT Price Control Review       In 2013 new Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission Price Controls will come into effect that will apply until April 2021.
For more details see Xoserve Input to GT Price Control Review Website

Project Nexus       This project is gathering requirements for future services required by our customers.For more details see Project Nexus Website

AQ Review       The AQ (Annual Quantity) is the derived consumption value for a particular meter point within a read period. The AQ value will be calculated annually using historical valid Meter Reads to derive a consumption profile.
For more details see AQ Review

Q Project       Project Q is the replacement service for Conquest.
For more details see Project Q Website

SMART Metering       Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC’s) and Ofgem’s SMART Metering Implementation Programme.
For more details see SMART Metering Website


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